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    Point clouds, 3D models, plans and process drawings

    Using 3D laser scanning technology, Real to Desk provides an efficient and safe way to generate as-built documentation or to update existing plans. In addition to compiling accurate and complete 3D models and layout plans, views and sections, our technical draftsmen are also adept at updating process drawings to meet all your operational and legal requirements.

    Dimension control

    When you projects requires a higher level of precision, we'll complete or replace our traditional scans with high accuracy measurements using laser trackers, short range scanners or industrial grade total stations.

    Pre-engineering & clash detection

    Real to Desk takes care of the technical preparation of your engineering projects. Whether it's a greenfield project or a conversion of an older structure, at some point, technical disciplines come together. We can assure you that everything fits together and that you have accurate and complete spatial data.

    Reality capture

    Areal images in combination with terrestrial scans of an out or indoor environment are being processed into the product that will make your project a success. You will get a detailed set of spatial information in your trusted format in which your design can be customized, your event is visualized, your game is playing, or your security training will be simulated in detail.


    Our specialists have years of experience with 3D surveys in the industry, where 3D design has been built for a long time. This experience relates to design and dimension control of buildings, from the initial planning phase to completion, commissioning and operation of the building.

    Save time

    Time-saving as opposed to manual measurement allows for a faster lead time of your projects.

    Widely used

    3D scanning is applicable in any industry, from architectural, civil engineering or mechanical engineering to plant design applications.

    Save costs

    You not only save on time but also on:

    • measurement errors
    • reading errors
    • no extra constructions needed to do measurements

    Scan-to-BIM & assistance with BIM projects



    3D Laser Scanning

    What ?

    3D laser scanning is a technology that quickly measures and processes 3D-data (such as dimensions).


    what is possible ?

    This technology enables you to measure an existing situation efficiently and convert it in a technical drawing (registered point clouds, 2D drawing, 3D model …).

    Generate data

    From a 3D model, different applications are possible. The data generated by the 3D laser scanner, a point cloud, can be used for multiple applications.

    Real-time verification from the as-built

    Based on 3D laser scanning, the progress of a construction project can also be monitored systematically. Real-time verification of the as-built situation and the design state based on fast and accurate 3D laser scan data. 3D scans are the basis of many other applications. Thus, full installations or critical points within an installation can be modeled in detail.